A comfortable environment for community and council

The Spiritual Center has been designed to accommodate an intimate small group discussion, a group meditation, or a traditional classroom setting. At the core of The Bridge’s philosophy is our belief in inter-faith spirituality. Interfaith recognizes the beauty and wisdom of all world religions that seek to connect to the Divine source. At the Bridge, we also believe that spirituality can and does exist outside of organized religion. For many, organized religion does not fit their spiritual truth. The Bridge provides a sense of community for those seeking to expand their spiritual practices and wisdom. Through classes, workshops and community gatherings, The Bridge will connect others who are on a similar journey to spirituality.

The Altar


Simple, and effective. We are a spiritual center. We understand and encourage the need for weekly and even daily grounding. To relax and inhale as incense and the calming divine free our minds. We not only offer open meditation sessions, but expert spiritual counseling after to discuss and unpack your emotions. A secure place to alleviate any stress. 

Space and Security

If need be, our spiritual center can be rearranged to accommodate the largest groups. It can also be closed as well for a more private and intimate session. We know spirituality is a sensitive and private topic for most people. Our facility offers a calming and spacious environment for any class or groups needs.