the sacred power & Wisdom of aging women

Focusing on the mystical changes of the aging woman, this workshop series invites women who are gratefully and gracefully aging to come together, share their stories, ask questions, and to be inspired.

Focusing primarily on the post-menopausal woman, Women of Wisdom provides a sacred space to discuss our changing bodies, our spiritual growth and our evolving lives.
2-hour weekly sessions will cover topics of:

~ Inspiration & Spiritual WIsdom to awaken our connection to the soul

~ Information: Holistic and practical resources to empower the woman looking for ways to age gracefully

~ Therapeutic Movement: We'll end each session with a restorative movement session design to give women gentle exercises to carry them through this stage of life.

Registration is limited to 15 participants in order to facilitate an intimate, nurturing environment.

Register at our events page on Facebook by following this link: https://goo.gl/5RJ5Nr or at EventBrite @ https://the-sacred-power-of-aging-wisdom-2017.eventbrite.com

Begins Tuesday, September 19, 6:00-8:00p.m.
Call The Bridge at 812.340.0114 for questions or to pre-register
 or EMAIL Rev. Karla Kamstra @ karla@revkarla.com

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They were here & 


They Mattered

Grieving for and remembering our beloved pets...

Hearts broken ~ Lives Forever Changed

The loss of a pet can be as traumatic as the loss of any family member.  They journey with us throughout our lives, and we are reminded of their presence in some of our lives most poignant moments.  They Mattered is a support group specifically targeted to help those grieving the loss of a pet.   Here you will find a safe and sacred space to unpack the grief and be surrounded by those who understand and support you right where you are.   Through story telling and rituals to memorialize your beloved pets' memories, They Mattered will give you the place to openly sit with your loss and know that others understand.   Call 812.340.0114 to learn more about upcoming They Mattered events.

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On Death & Dying...

Legacy planning is more than insurance & estates.

Our legacy is the story we leave behind, the lives we touch, the love that continues on like a burning candle.

We'll openly and honestly look at dying so that we can live with peace & joy

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Recovering From Religion

Religion: there's a cure for that.  
What we mean is that some need healed from the damaging effects of being judged, persecuted or deeply harmed by organized religion.  This workshop focuses on healing those wounds and returning to a connection to the Divine.