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Numa offers high quality essential oils & products infused with oils to help you balance your well-being, calm your mind, ease your emotions & connect you to your spirit

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Inhale Deeply...Exhale Slowly.  Discover the wonder of essential oils

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Custom Jewelry

All of our jewelry is custom made to be compatible with essential oils! On our necklaces and bracelets you can find leather pads for adding your favorite oils to smell and resonate with as often as you want! Also, many of bracelets have lava stone that absorb your oils for the same effect! On top of that, our jewelry is beautifully handcrafted, so there's a perfect piece for everyone!

Custom Blends

We understand blending oils can be difficult on your own. Understanding exactly what effect the mixture of certain oils will produce can be very challenging! So we've done it for you. We have custom blends ranging from toilet spray to love abounds. Come blend your own today while you learn about oils and our suppliers!