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Our Story

The Bridge invites you to discover a deeper,  spiritual connection through
classes & workshops to enhance your life and guidance to help you on your spiritual journey.

The Bridge is uniquely structured to provide services which allow you to find balance, calm, restoration and a deeper spiritual connection.

At the core of The Bridge’s philosophy is our belief in inter-faith spirituality. Interfaith recognizes the beauty and wisdom of all world religions that seek to connect to the Divine source. At the Bridge, we also believe that spirituality can and does exist outside of organized religion. For many, organized religion does not fit their spiritual truth. The Bridge provides a sense of community for those seeking to expand their spiritual practices and wisdom. Through classes, workshops and community gatherings, The Bridge will connect others who are on a similar journey to spirituality.

We welcome all, regardless of race, religious background, or sexual orientation.  We invite all who enter to be open to what you will receive, and when you depart, strip away the templates that are placed upon us throughout our lives.

Come see us, and leave being who you truly are.

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